We Got Into IDS, Which Is A Big Deal For Us

One of our early goals and the spark that got us started was exhibiting at IDS Vancouver (IDS stands for Interior Design Show). It’s one of the biggest shows for furniture and other residential products in the Pacific Northwest. That means the exposure we’ll get exhibiting there will have a big impact on the future of 600sq. At the stage we are at we are not able to afford the full price, so we needed to get in through their Prototype contest, where the best upcoming products get selected to exhibit at the show.

We just received our @idsvancouver exhibitor package! We are beyond excited. One month away! #600sq

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We got accepted with our Tea Table and now everything is possible. We recently received the exhibitor package and it feels more and more real. The people at IDS are super professional and also very supportive. We are really looking forward to this event. Come and check us out end of Saturday September 30th and Sunday October 1st at Canada Place. We’ll be also launching a party that weekend. We’ll follow up with more info soon.

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