Our Philosophy

We design furniture and products that fit the modern day living space and environment. Designs that solve problems and make life easier.

This is our mantra. We apply it to everything we do – from selecting materials, setting up production processes to designing furniture joints.

People first

We always start with people. Understanding what are their needs and which problems they encounter is fundamental to the human centered design process. Doing so allows to design products that are understandable, self explanatory, functional, easy to use, usable and environment friendly.

We design for people who live in urban environments. We call them urban nomads. Living spaces in cities are getting smaller – which means furniture has to perform multiple functions and help keep places decluttered. At the same time surging rents force people to frequently move. This is why furniture has to be easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to handle and to transport. At the same time it has to keep the level of quality, no matter how many times it gets knocked down and put back together.


Take for example our Hon Shelf. It can be assembled in less than one minute, without tools and hardware. All the joints are designed to lock each component in place. The production time is incredibly short and the components are designed minimal or no material waste in production. At the same time the value it delivers to the person using it is very high. It has a cable management solution for charging cables, it shelf fits 35 books (based on the average book thickness), it’s light to move around and when disassembled it becomes really easy to handle and store as it’s flatpacked.


We design and manufacture locally in Vancouver. This is possible because we are using high quality plywood and we are constantly improving the production process to make it smoother and faster. This is reflected in our prices which are very reasonable (we are talking your-monthly-budget-for-coffee reasonable).

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